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BoatNumberPlate Registration Numbers Set for PVC or HYPALON


NOTE: The Retailer will not ask for registration numbers either online or at the store. When you redeem your pre-paid code at you will enter your registration numbers, color choice and boat material.


New: One Package One Price - PVC or Hypalon!



The SET of REGISTRATION boat number plates are sold as a pre-paid code package.  Pre-paid  codes are online redemption codes securely and neatly packaged in sealed plastic container. The codes are protected from package tampering.  Each sealed package contains a unique  code number located inside the sealed package that is redeemed at  We ship (free) a custom set of REGISTRATION boat number plates directly to you.

Please note you may have shipping cost for the pre-paid code package if bought online.


·         1 Port and 1 Starboard REGISTRATION boat number plate with same registration number. Specially designed for your boat material. THIS PRODUCT IS DESIGNED TO BE GLUED DIRECTLY ON YOUR INFLATABLE BOAT (GLUE / ADHESIVE NOT INCLUDED)

·         For all US vessels to meet the State requirements and the USCG promulgated standards of 33CFR173.27 (ALL REGISTRATION BOAT NUMBER PLATES INCLUDE AN AREA FOR YOUR STATE DECAL)

·         (7) background colors to choose from: White, Grey, Red, Yellow, Blue, Orange and Tan

·         Tender identification for registered or documented vessels (WN 1234 AB-1 or NO. 670789-1) set forth in 33CFR173.13. NOTE: Some states require all vessels to be registered - check with your local issuing authority for registration requirements.

·         International vessels to meet their home country requirements.


·         NOTE: Once sealed package is opened it is non-refundable & non-returnable.



These affordably priced UV RESISTANT Flexible Plates add style to any inflatable boat. Being a single piece, they offer ease of alignment.

These custom registration plates include a designated space to affix your state decal.

Boat number plates  MEET EACH STATE'S REQUIREMENT for location and dimensions of state decal (port, stbd, forward, aft etc.).

Approximate dimensions: 3.5" x 21". Dimensions vary based on individual state requirements for decal size and placement.

Includes easy to follow step-by-step installation instructions. (Glue/adhesive and materials; i.e. sand paper, tape etc. not included) - Done Right...The First Time.
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